What is BanditConnect, and how to enable it?
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BanditConnect is a secure portal designed to enhance the exchange of information and collaboration between you and your clients, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. It offers a personalized and secure experience, enhancing how you collaborate and manage information.

What can you do with BanditConnect?

  • Effortless Collaboration: You can easily collaborate and work with your clients on tax filing and BOI reports, making the process seamless and efficient.
  • Secure Information-Sharing: With BanditConnect, you can easily and securely share information and documents with your clients, protecting sensitive data.
  • Controlled Access: You have control over what your clients can see, granting them access only to the specific pages, information, and files you choose. 
  • Easy Login: Clients can log in instantly through a link sent via email without remembering a password. The client must simply click the link, enter the OTA, and instantly log in.
  • Advanced Security: Benefit from robust security measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring your data and clients' data remain secure.
  • Email Customization: To elevate your brand identity and ensure easier recognition, customize the ‘from’ email address on the emails sent to your clients. 
  • Portal Customization: Customize every aspect of the client portal to match your branding with your logo, colors, theme, and customized URLs, providing a consistent brand experience for your clients.

How to Enable BanditConnect?

You can enable BanditConnect either from the nine-dot menu in the Tax Form Filing menu or by selecting the customization icon on the BOIR dashboard and clicking “Enable BanditConnect”.

1. Start Customization: Select “Customize” to start customizing your BanditConnect portal.

2. Choose Template: Select the pre-built template that best suits your needs from the free or premium options provided, then click “Continue.”

3. Configure Name and URL:  In the “Portal Config” window, you can customize the portal name and URL that your client can access. You can use the default Tax Bandits URL or create a custom URL to suit your business. Once you are done with the customization, click “Continue”.

4. Upload Branding Elements: Upload your business logo and favicon to personalize the portal so it looks like your website. You can also add a brand message that describes your business. Once complete, click “Continue”.

5.  Customize Theme: You can customize the color scheme to match your business. Select the desired color theme and click “Continue.”

6. Add Contact Information: Add your support contact number and email address so that clients can reach you if they have any queries . Click 'Continue' to proceed further.

7. Preview and Publish: A preview of the portal will be displayed. Once you are all set with the customization, select “Publish & Customize Email”.

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