All my full-time equivalent employees are offered and enrolled in a “minimum essential coverage with the minimum value for all twelve months”. What code should I use in Part-II of Form 1095C?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

If you have offered “Qualifying health coverage” to all your full-time equivalent employees for all 12 months. The following codes must be used on part-II of the 1095-C form for all full-time employees.

  • Line 14- Code 1A must be used on line 14 representing that the full-time employee was offered Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) providing Minimum Value (MV) for all 12 months.
  • Line 15- If Code 1A is used on line 14, then line 15 can always be blank.
  • Line 16- Use Code 2C indicating that the employee was enrolled in your qualifying offer of coverage.

If you’re not familiar with generating ACA codes on Part-II of the Form 1095-C, contact our Sister Product ACAwise, a cloud-based ACA reporting solution that takes care of everything on your behalf and helps you stay ACA compliant.

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