How to enable W-2 Online Access for employees?
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TaxBandits Online Access is an exclusive feature that allows employees to access their forms W-2, 1099, 1095, 1098T, and 5498 online through a secure portal. The employer has to enable this feature to give access to the employees for accessing their forms online.

In this article, we discuss how employers can give online access to the employees to access their W2s securely. Basically, it can be done at 2 stages, namely:
                    i) When Form W-2 is being filed
                    ii) After W-2 is transmitted to the IRS

When Form W-2 is being filed

  1. Log in to your TaxBandits account and select the Form W-2.
  2. Choose the appropriate tax year to continue.

When Adding Employer 

             Whether you’re adding employer details manually or by bulk upload, the option to enable online access will be available. Check the I want to allow my employees to access their forms online, including Form W-2 box, and click the Save and Continue button.

When Adding Employees Manually

  1. Enter the employee details, including the name, SSN, and address.
  2. Check the Allow this employee to access their Form W-2 online box, and click the Save and Continue button to proceed.

When Adding Employees through Bulk Upload

  1. Download the Excel/CSV template and fill the employee details in it.
  2. Select Yes under the Online Access column in the Excel/CSV template for all the employees you want to enable online access. The employee’s email address is mandatory if you have enabled Online Access.   
  3. Select No under the Online Access column for the employees you want to disable the online access.

  1. Upload the filled template and complete the subsequent steps to transmit the returns to the IRS.

After Form W-2 is transmitted

If you've opted for online access for employees when adding the Employer, and disabled it for selected individuals when filing, you can enable them again from the dashboard after the form is transmitted. Follow the instructions below to enable:

1. Log in to your TaxBandits account. 
2. Select the W-2/1099 tab. 
3. Choose the Employer from the dropdown and select the Transmitted Forms tab to view the list of employees.
4. Click  option under the Online Access column against the employees you want to give online access.

5. Enter the employee's email address and click the Allow Access button. (Email address is mandatory to give online access).

Once the returns are processed at the TaxBandits e-file system and transmitted to the IRS, a secure link will be triggered to the employee’s email. The employees can click that link and enter the last four digits of their SSN to access the forms.

Note: By enabling this option, the employees will have online access to all their forms that apply to them, including Form W-2.


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