How to add recipient information on 1099 forms?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

TaxBandits provides you with the following options for adding 1099 recipient information.

  1. Manual Data Entry
  2. Bulk Upload
  3. Import from an Accounting Software - QuickBooks Online
  4. Import from an Accounting Software - XERO Connect

Manual Data Entry 

We recommend this option when you only plan on filing a few forms or if you have bulk uploaded the forms earlier but want to add a few additional forms to the same order. The manual data entry flow lets you add 1099 forms one by one. If the recipient is available in the address book, you can quickly pull up their details using the search bar. This means you will only have to fill in the federal and state information.

Bulk Upload

This is the recommended option when filing a high volume of 1099 Forms. You can use the TaxBandits template provided in the flow to bulk upload the 1099 forms. Excel and CSV are the only accepted formats at this time.

By using the template provided by TaxBandits, the data you enter will be mapped so that you can easily proceed to reviewing and filing the forms.

Import from an Accounting Software - QuickBooks Online

TaxBandits allows you to import the vendor details and payment history from your QuickBooks account to file Form 1099 returns.

Use your QuickBooks credentials to choose the payer/company and map categories for the payments recorded in QuickBooks against the Form 1099 fields in TaxBandits. By doing so, the payment details will be imported into TaxBandits, and you can proceed to file the returns for your vendors.

Before you begin, ensure that the Track Payments for 1099 option is enabled in QuickBooks. Only then will you be able to pull in the data into TaxBandits.

Import from an Accounting Software - XERO Connect

There are two options for importing recipient details from Xero. The first option is to connect your Xero account directly with TaxBandits and pull up the 099-MISC recipient payment information. The second option is to download the 1099 Report in XERO and import the file to TaxBandits.

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