How do I correct the employees’ Name and/or SSN in W2s?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

TaxBandits supports W2 corrections for W2s filed with us. You can correct the employee name and/or SSN by filing W-2c forms. 

Here is how you make corrections to W2:

  • Sign in to TaxBandits, and click Start New Form >> Form W-2c.
  • Select the Tax Year.
  • Choose Correction type to proceed with the filing.

W-2s filed with TaxBandits

  1. Click Continue under Correct W-2 Employee Details
  2. Choose the employer and select the employee for whom you want to correct name and/or SSN.
  3. Choose the employee entry to correct and click Make Correction.
  4. Select the checkboxes based on what you would like to correct and enter the correct details.

You can also correct federal and state amounts detail in the following steps. Continue with the flow to review and transmit the return.

Print Copy
Once your form is successfully transmitted, a copy of the W-2 correction can be accessed from the Distribution center. For step-by-step instructions on how to download a copy of the correction form, click here.

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