Recent Queries

1. How do I print the forms filed?

From the Dashboard, click Distribution Center >> 109/W-2/1096/5498 forms under Print Forms. Select the Tax Year, Business Name, and the Form Type. The transmitted forms will be available for download. The form copies are available for download as a ZIP file or a consolidated PDF. You also have the option of downloading forms with or without the TIN masking.

2. How to check the E-filing Status?

TaxBandits will notify you via email with the status of your form. You can also check the status of your e-filing from the Home dashboard.

3. What’s the password to open the 1099s/W2s pdf with unmasked TIN?

You can enter the employee's/recipient's TIN (without a hyphen) for pdf files downloaded from the Distribution Center.

4. How to correct the payer Name and/or EIN in 1099s?

You need to send a letter to the IRS with the corrected payer Name and/or TIN. You DO NOT have to reissue any corrected 1099s to your recipients.

To prepare the letter in TaxBandits:

  • Click Start New >> Form >> 1099/1098 Corrections. 
  • Select Tax Year and click Continue under Correct 1099/5498/1098 Payer Details.
  • Select the Business and correct the Payer Name and/or TIN by selecting the required check box. Provide the corrected information.
  • Click the Generate button to download the letter, sign it, and mail it to the address below.

Internal Revenue Service 
230 Murall Drive, Mail Stop 4360 
Kearneysville, WV 25430

5. How to correct the Recipient Name and/or TIN in 1099s?

If you have already filed Form 1099 with TaxBandits, then you can correct the Recipient’s Name/TIN using the 1099/1098 Corrections form.

  • In the Dashboard, Click Start New >> Form >> 1099/1098 Corrections.
  • Select the required tax year, and Click Continue under Correct 1099/1098 Recipient Details.
  • Select the respective checkbox whether the Recipient Name is incorrect, TIN is incorrect, or Address is incorrect. Provide the corrected information and continue to transmit the form.

6. Do I need to send the corrected 1099 copies to the state agency?

Yes, you should send the corrected 1099 copies along with Form 1096 to the state agency. However, TaxBandits does not support state corrections for 1099 forms.

7. How do I fix a Form W-2 with an incorrect Employer’s EIN and Incorrect Tax Year?

To correct the employer's TIN, Address, Employment Code, and Tax Year, you may need to contact the SSA. The Employer Services Liaison Officers (ESLOs) of the SSA can assist with all processes and applications. Visit to know more details.

8. How to provide Online Access to employees/recipients?

To enable online access, on the home screen, click Distribution Center >> click 1099/W-2/1098/5498 Forms under Online Access

Click Manage corresponds to the business, select the employee or recipient name and click Enable Online Access

9. I don’t have the TIN of my Employee/Recipient. Can I file for this recipient?

Yes! If you don’t have SSN, you can check the TIN not provided box under Recipient's TIN in TaxBandits. We indicate this to the IRS by sending them a TIN consisting of all zeros. After checking this box, you can proceed with the filing. However, when you have the SSN ready, you need to file a correction form to update the same.

10. I filed my original 1099s with other service providers. Can I file 1099 corrections in TaxBandits?

No, you cannot file 1099 corrections in TaxBandits if the original 1099s were filed with other service providers. However, we support 1099 corrections if you filed your original 1099s with TaxBandits. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

11. How do I e-file form 941 for the first quarter of 2022?

TaxBandits supports the e-filing of the revised form 941 for all quarters of 2022. Follow the steps below:

  • From the Dashboard, Click Start New >> Form >> Form 941. 
  • Select Employer from your address book or add new employer details.
  • Choose Tax Year and Quarter.
  • Enter the 941 form details and continue with the flow to transmit the return to the IRS.

12. How long will it take for the IRS to accept my 941?

The IRS will process your within 30 minutes of submitting. TaxBandits will notify you via email about your return status. You can also view the status of your return from TaxBandits account.

Here’s how you can view the status of your return,

  • Click 94x tab >> E-filed Forms tab.
  • Choose Employer and view the status under E-file Status column.

13. How do I correct the originally filed 941s?

You can correct the originally filed 941s by filing 941-X. At TaxBandits, you can fill your Form 941-X, sign, download, print, and mail it to the IRS. Please be aware that the IRS doesn’t currently support the e-file of Form 941-X.

14. Can I e-file 941s in bulk?

Yes, you can e-file 941 in bulk through TaxBandits. Click Start New Form >> Upload Multiple 941s. Then, download the template based on the quarter you would like to file for, fill in the form details in the template and upload it. Continue with the subsequent steps and transmit returns to the IRS.

15. Does TaxBandits support W-2 corrections for every state?

Currently, TaxBandits does not support W-2 corrections for state filing. You should file the state corrections directly to the state agency.

16. How do I e-file Form 5498 using TaxBandits?

Sign in with TaxBandits. Select Start New Form >> Form 5498. Choose Tax Year. Enter Trustee, Participant, and IRA details. Then, pay and transmit the returns to the IRS.

17. Can I file Form 5498 in bulk?

At this time, you cannot file Form 5498 in bulk through TaxBandits. However, our developers are working on a bulk feature that will be available soon.

18. How do I print copies of Form 5498?

Navigate to the Distribution Center at the top right corner >> Print Forms >> Print 1099/W-2/1098/5498 Forms. Select the Tax Year, Form Series, and business. Choose Employer. Payer, recipient, and state copies of Form 5498 will be available for download.

19. How do I check the status of my 5498 returns?

After transmitting 5498 returns, you can check their status from the dashboard. Go to 1099/W-2 tab and choose Business using the dropdown. Click Transmitted Forms to view the status of the forms submitted.

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