What are the states that mandate ACA filing?
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Many states have started to establish their own ACA filings. They have passed state-level legislation requiring the residents to have healthcare coverage or pay the penalty to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The states that mandated ACA filing for 2020 are listed below:

Employers who employ residents from the above states should file ACA forms, such as 1095-B/C and 1094-B/C, to the respective state department.

The ACA reporting requirements for each state is described below:

New Jersey 
As per the Market Preservation Act, employers, insurers, and other coverage providers should submit NJ-1095, 1095-B or 1095-C forms to the New Jersey of Taxation. This submission is mandatory when the coverage was provided to the New Jersey residents. For 2020, the deadline to transmit 1095 health coverage forms is March 31, 2021. Form copies should be sent to the respective employee/individual on or before March 02, 2021.

District of Columbia

 This state has mandated that every employer and insurer submit the 1095 B and 1095 C. They must file the ACA forms with the state if Minimum Essential Coverage was offered to an employee who is a D.C resident. For 2020, the deadline to file ACA forms is April 30, 2021. The recipient copy should be furnished on or before March 02, 2021.


The State of California has passed the ACA individual mandate, which is effective from January 1, 2020. According to the state, every resident of California and their dependents should have the Minimum Essential Coverage  (MEC). The employers and insurers who provide coverage to the California residents should file Form 1094-B/C and 1095-B-C with the state. For the tax year 2020, the deadline to file forms with the state is March 31, 2021. Recipient copies should be furnished on or before February 01, 2021.

Rhode Island

The residents of Rhode Island must have a healthcare plan for all months of the year. Employers and insurers who provided health coverage for employers and individuals should submit their ACA forms to the state. The deadline to file the forms with the State is yet to be released. The recipient copy deadline is February 01, 2021.

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