I have transmitted my W2/1099 return. What should I do next?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Check if any information needs correction

Once you transmit, we suggest that you check your form details one last time to find out if any information provided needs correction. If yes, you may make use of the option “Attempt to Edit” that appears next to the order number in the dashboard. This option is made available only for a short window of time until our e-file system begins to process the return. To know in detail about editing a return that was submitted, click here.

Download the form copies

Once your return is transmitted to the IRS/SSA, we’ll notify you about the availability of form copies. Thereafter,  you can view and download the form copies from the Print Center. To know in detail about accessing the form copies, click here

Know the Postal Mailing status

Generally, the forms are postal mailed the very next date after you place an order for postal mailing. You can find out its status from the Dashboard under the transmitted forms. To know in detail about the postal mailing of forms, click here

Know the Filing status of your return 

Once your return gets accepted by the IRS, we’ll notify you through an email. You can also find the status of the return from the dashboard. To know in detail about the notification on return status, click here

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