Where do I find a copy of the summary form W-3?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Form W-3 is not required when you choose to e-file Form W2. But, TaxBandits will generate it for your reference. 

Simply follow the steps below to access a copy of your Form W-3.

Step 1: Log in to TaxBandits.

Step 2: Navigate to “Distribution Center” in the Main Menu.


Step 3: Select the “tax year” for which you need to download Form W-3 under the “Tax Year” dropdown located at the top right corner.  

Note: TaxBandits provides you with an option to download Form W-3 copies for the current and previous tax years. 

Under the “Distribution center”, you will find three options

  • Postal Mailing: This option allows you to send form copies to your recipient through postal mailing.
  • Online Access: This option allows your recipient to download and view form copies through a secure portal. 
  • Print Forms: This option allows you to print and download forms copies for current and previous tax years. 

Step 4: Under the “Print Forms” section, select “ 1099/W-2/1098/5498 Forms”.

Step 5: Select “Form W-2”  from the dropdown “Select Form Series”, Search for the required Business and click “Select Business”. 


Step 6: Click “Download Summary Form W-3” to download the copy for your reference.



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