If I’ve mistakenly filed a W-2 for the wrong tax year, do I file a form to correct the tax year? Or delete the incorrect return and file a new form?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

After you transmit the return, there is a short window of time before which our e-file system actually begins to process the return. Until we do that, a link Attempt to Edit is shown against the Order # that allows you to edit the return. 

 If you don’t see the link, it means our e-file system has begun processing the return. You now need to wait until your return is accepted by the SSA before you can void the return and file a correction.

 Here’s how you should edit the return:

  1. Click 1099/W-2
  2. Choose the business and the tax year.
  3. Under Transmitted Returns, select the Order Number and click Attempt to edit next to it. 

  4. You will come across a message that states, your return has not yet processed by our e-file system. Click Yes.
  5. Follow the prompts by the application.

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