How do you file your initial BOI report with TaxBandits?
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TaxBandits supports the filing of BOI reports with the FinCen.Here are the simple instructions for Filing your initial BOI report with TaxBandits.

Step 1:Sign into your TaxBandits account.

Step 2:  In the dashboard, select "Start Reporting" from the BOI Reporting section. 

Step 3:  Enter your company’s legal name and click “Start BOIR” to start your reporting

Step 4:  Choose your initial BOI report and click "Save and Continue."

Step 5: Here, you enter the details of your reporting company in the respective fields, then click "Save and Continue."

Step 6: Click the "Add Company Applicant" button under the Company Applicant tab.

Step 7:  Enter the details in the respective fields. The data from the image you upload will be extracted and automatically filled into the appropriate fields. Then click "Save and Continue".


Step 8: Review all the details you entered on this page if needed, you can add one more company applicant from the address book, edit them if needed, and then click “Continue.”

Step 9:  Under the Beneficial Owner tab, select " Add your Beneficial Owner" to proceed further.

Step 10: 

 Select any of the following options:

  • Add Manually: enter the details manually
  • Select from Address Book: Option to select the owners from address book
  • Invite Beneficial Owner: Email the beneficial owners a secure link to complete their information. To learn more about inviting beneficial owners, click here.

  • Choose your preferred option, enter the necessary information in the respective fields, and then Click "Save and Continue."

Step 11: Review all the details you entered on this page, edit them if needed, and then click "Continue."

NOTE:  The company can have maximum beneficial owners, so you can add another beneficial owner if necessary. 

Step 12:  Summarize all the details you have entered, edit if needed to add or remove information you previously entered, and then click "Continue."

Step 13:  Select your plan and package according to your business needs and click "Proceed to Payment." 

  • Enter your card details and the submitter information in the respective fields. 
  • Click the "Pay & Submit" button to process the payment. 


Step 14:   Upon successful submission, TaxBandits will email the status of your initial BOI report. You can also download a copy by clicking the “Download Order Receipt”.


After your BOI report is sent to FinCen, we will email you to notify you about the status of your report.


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