How do you file your initial BOI report with TaxBandits?
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TaxBandits supports the filing of BOI reports with the FinCen.Here are the Simple Instructions to File your Initial BOI Report with TaxBandits.

Step 1:Sign into your TaxBandits account.

Step 2: Select “BOI Reporting” from the Navigation Bar to start the BOI reporting process.

Step 3: Click "Start BOI Report Now" to continue filing your BOI report.


Step 4: Enter your “Company Legal Name” to start your BOI Reporting process and click 'Continue'.

Step 5: In the next step of your BOI reporting process, there are 4 types of reports, which include:

  • Initial report
  • Correct prior report
  • Update prior report
  • Newly exempt entity

Choose the “Initial Report” under “Choose Report Type” and then click “Save and Continue”.

Step 6: Under the Reporting Company tab, feed all the required data to complete your BOI reporting process.

After providing all the necessary information, click “Save and Continue”.

Step 7:  Click the ‘Add Company Applicant’ to add the company applicant information to continue filing the BOI report process.

Step 8: Enter all the required information related to the Company Applicant and click ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed. You can also save the information as a draft and continue later.

Step 9:  Review the company applicant Details. After providing the required information about one company applicant, you can click ‘Add Another’ to add information about the other company applicant because the reporting companies can report up to 2 company applicants. Now click ‘Continue’ to proceed further. 

Step 10: Click ‘Add your Beneficial Owner’ to add the beneficial owner details to continue filing the BOI report.

Step 11: Enter all the Beneficial Owner information, then click ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed.

Step 12: This report displays all the beneficial owner details. Click ‘Add Beneficial Owner’ to add information about another beneficial owner. The number of Beneficial Owners that can be reported is unlimited; however, the BOIR limits the number to 99.

After providing all the details about another beneficial owner, click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 13: Review the summary of your BOI report. If any changes are required, you can make them accordingly. 

After reviewing all the information on your BOI report, click ‘Continue’ to proceed further.

Step 14: Enter the Card details and click “Pay and Submit”.

Step 15: Once the payment is made, the report will be submitted, and then TaxBandits will send it to FinCen. 

After your BOI report is sent to FinCen, we will email you to notify you about the status of your report.


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