When will my 1099/W-2 returns transmitted/distributed? Can I edit/download them?
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Once you place an order with TaxBandits, we will validate and transmit your returns to the respective agencies. 

  • If you have scheduled the order, the forms will be transmitted at 10.00 pm EST on the day before the scheduled date. If not, the forms will be transmitted in 8 hours* from the time when you placed the order. 

    Note: *After January 26, 2024, there won’t be a waiting time of 8 hours. Furthermore, if you've scheduled the order, you can edit your forms until the scheduled date. The changes will also be reflected in form copies sent to the recipients. The last date to schedule the forms is January 25th, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST. 
  • If you have opted for Postal Mail, the form copies will be sent only after they are transmitted. It can take up to 2-3 business days from the transmitted date to reach the recipient.
  • If you have opted for Online Access, the digital forms will be shared immediately with the recipient.
  • You can also download and print your forms from the Distribution Center. For instructions on how to download and print forms, click here.

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