How do I add a new business to the Address Book?
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With TaxBandits, you can easily add new businesses to your account. Once the businesses have been added to the Address Book, you can quickly pull them up when you file a return. On the other hand, You don’t necessarily have to add the business to the Address Book. Instead, when you file a return for the business, TaxBandits will automatically have them added to the Address Book.

Follow the steps to add multiple businesses to your account:

  • Sign in to your TaxBandits account. 
  • In the dashboard, click Grid Menu >> Address Book.

  • Click Add Business to add a new business to your account. You can either add a business manually or use bulk upload to add multiple businesses to your account.

Manual Data Entry:

For manual business entry, click Start Now under Manual Data Entry. A business Information window will be displayed. Enter all the required business information and click Save. Business Information will be saved under your address book. You can then start filing the return for the business.

Follow the same process if you need to add another business to your address book.

Bulk Upload:

If you want to add multiple businesses at once, click Start Now under Bulk Upload. Download the template and fill in the required business information. Once the information is added to the downloaded template, select the file and upload it back to our application. 

Proceed with the flow, and the business information will be saved successfully. 

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