When should I use Form 1099-MISC?
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If you’re a business owner/payer paid an amount with the following conditions to any individuals who are not your employee during the year, must use Form 1099-MISC to report payments to the IRS and provide a copy B of Form 1099-MISC to the respective recipients.

  1. If paid a minimum of $10 in royalties or broker payments instead of dividends or tax-exempt interest.
  2. If paid a minimum of $600 in
  • Rents
  • Prizes and awards
  • Other income payments
  • Medical and health care payments
  • Payments to an attorney
  • Crop insurance proceeds
  • Cash paid from a notional principal contract to an individual, partnership, or estate.
  • Any fishing boat proceeds
  • Section 409A deferrals
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation

Also, you can use Form 1099-MISC to report payments made for direct sales of more than $5,000 of consumer products for resale anywhere other than a permanent retail establishment.

Even if the payment is less than $600 and withheld any federal income tax under a backup withholding, you must report all of that payment through Form 1099-MISC.

Note: However, do not file Form 1099-MISC if made

  • Payments to corporations.
  • Employee income.
  • Payments to tax-exempt organizations in the United States, the District of Columbia, a U.S. possession, or a foreign government.

For more information about Form 1099-MISC, click here.

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