How do I make corrections to uploaded data while I’m importing it?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Once you bulk upload the file, review the forms and continue. 

  • The forms that have been uploaded successfully will appear under the Ready to File tab. You can view and edit these forms if needed. 
  • If there are any errors in the forms you uploaded, they will appear under the Errors tab. You can resolve the errors now or click Continue Filing and come back to them later. 

You have two options to fix the errors:

  • Click Fix Error next to the record with errors and update it manually.
  • Click Export Errors towards the top of the screen, download the template with errors, resolve the errors, and upload the template again with the correct data.

Once the errors are resolved, the form will appear under Ready to File, to proceed, click Continue Filing.

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