How to File Form 1099 with TaxBandits?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Follow the simple instructions to e-file your Form 1099 with TaxBandits.  

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: In the Dashboard, Select the required form 1099 under the “ 1099 - Federal & State Filing” section and click “File now”. 

Here we have chosen the “Form 1099-NEC”.


Step 3:  Select “File Form 1099-NEC” for the required tax year.

On the next page, you will be listed with various options to fill in your 1099’s such as 

  • Manual Data Entry - This option allows you to add your Form 1099 details for each recipient manually. 
  • Upload Excel/CSV Template - This option allows you to file 1099 for multiple recipients by importing data using our template. 
  • Import Form Account Software - This option allows you to import data from your existing account software.TaxBandits support data import from the following accounting software 
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Xero Connect 
    • Sage Intact 

Here we have chosen “Manual data entry”. 

Step 4: Select “Start Now” under the “Manual Data Entry” section. 


Step 5: Fill in the required information in the corresponding fields. 

Step 6: Complete the “ State Information” if required by the state and click “Save and Continue

Note: TaxBandits automatically identify your state requirement based on the information you reported in the form.


TaxBandits provides you with an option to send recipient copies either via  ‘Postal Mailing” or “Online access”. 

Postal Mailing:  This option allows you to send form copies to your recipient through postal mailing.

Online access: This option allows your recipient to view and download forms online through a secure portal.

Note: You can always opt out of the “Postal Mailing” and “Online Access” services if you want to. 

Step 7: Select the required option and click “Continue”.

Step 8: Review the summary of the form and click “Continue”.

Note: When e-filing Form 1099, you are not required to file a separate Form 1096. TaxBandits automatically generate Form 1096 and will be transmitted to the IRS. For your reference, the summary Form 1096 will be available in the Distribution center to download. 

Under the “Cart Summary” section, you have an option “Save for Later”, which allows you to save your progress, so that you can continue to make payments whenever you want to. 

Step 9: Review the order summary and click “Complete Your order”.

Step 10: Enter the Card details and click “Pay and Transmit”.


Upon submitting your return, TaxBandits will send the status of your Form 1099 returns through email. You can also sign in to the TaxBandits and view the status at any time. Form 1099 copies will be available in the "Distribution Center" for download.


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