How to File Form W-2 with TaxBandits?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

TaxBandits supports the e-filing of Form W-2 with both the SSA and State. Also, you can make use of our Postal Mailing service and Secure Online Access to distribute the recipient copies.

Here are the Steps to file Form W-2:

Step 1:

Log in to your TaxBandits account. Under the 'W2 Wage Tax Forms - Federal & State Filing' section, click 'File Now'.

Step 2:

TaxBandits supports the e-filing of W2 forms for the current and previous tax years. So, choose the tax year for which you need to file Form W-2.

Step 3:

You can provide the required form data in two ways:

  • Manual Data Entry - Enter the required information manually
  • Upload Excel/CSV template - Upload the required data using bulk upload templates.

Here we have chosen manual entry as an example. To learn how to bulk upload data for W-2 forms, visit here.

Step 4:

Add the business details manually, or select the business if you have added it already.

Then, enter the required form data in the respective fields. 

Complete the “State Information” if required by the state. You can add more states if required.

Note: TaxBandits automatically identifies your state requirement based on the information you reported in the form.

Once done, you have two options:

  • Save & Add Another - The form you filled out will be saved, and a new W-2 form will be generated, which can be used for the next employee.
  • Save & Continue - Save the form and proceed with the filing.

Step 5:

Along with the federal e-filing of your W-2 forms, you can opt to e-file them with the state agency as well (Depending upon the corresponding state’s W-2 filing requirements).

Also, you have the option to distribute the form copies via Postal Mailing and Online Access.

Choose the services you require and click ‘Continue’.

Step 6:

Review the amounts reported on your forms and click ‘Continue’. 

Step 7:

Few states require additional information to be reported through reconciliation forms along with the W-2 forms. Review the additional filing requirements for the states you need to file and click ‘Continue’.

Step 8:

Complete the payment and transmit the forms to the IRS and State. Our system will keep you posted about the status of your forms.

You also have the option to Save the forms for later.

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