Getting the error as my email id is associated with multiple accounts. How to resolve this issue?
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94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Sage users cannot connect to TaxBandits if the same email address is associated with multiple TaxBandits accounts. While connecting to TaxBandits, you will receive an error message stating that “Since you have multiple accounts in TaxBandits with the same email address, you cannot view the batch details in TaxBandits.” 

To access this account from Sage, other accounts must be deactivated. To deactivate your TaxBandits account, contact the person who set it up.

Below are the possible scenarios where you get the "multiple account association error."

  • When you have a Sage Staff account and a TaxBandits Admin account.

If you have created the taxbandits admin account by mistake, contact the Taxbandits support team to delete the account.

  • When you have TaxBandits Staff accounts for two businesses under two different admins.

To access an account from Sage Intacct, another account must be deactivated. Contact the person who set up your account to deactivate it in taxbandits.

  • When you have a Sage Admin account and a Sage Staff account.

The Sage Intacct user has to decide which account has to remove; either the admin account has to be removed or inform the administrator to deactivate your staff account. 

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