Is there any ACA changes made for the 2023 Reporting Requirements?
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Every year, the IRS has been making certain changes in ACA Reporting. For the 2022 tax year, the IRS released the final version of 2023 IRS Forms 1095-C and 1095- B in the month of July. According to the final version, there are no changes in ACA reporting for the 2022 tax year. 

Last year, the IRS added two new codes (1T - 1U) in Line 14 to report the method they used to determine the affordability of ICHRA Coverage. 

Code 1T

This code applies to an Individual coverage HRA offered to the employee and his or her spouse (no dependents), with affordability based on the employee's residence ZIP code
Code 1U This code applies to an Individual coverage HRA offered to an employee and his or her spouse (no dependents) with affordability based on the employee’s primary employment site ZIP code.

To know more about the New ACA Codes for reporting ICHRA, click here

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