How do I request a W-8BEN from my recipients?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Form W-8BEN - Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting must be submitted by a foreign individual who receives income from United States territory.

Follow the below steps to request W-8BEN from your recipient via TaxBandits:

  • In the Dashboard, Start New >> Form >> W-8BEN.
  • To request W-8BEN for a particular recipient, select the Business Name or Add New Business. Then provide the recipient's Name and Email Address. If you want to add more recipients, click the + symbol and add another recipient. Click Continue to proceed further.

  • Select the Payment options based on your preference, and the amount will be displayed. Click Send W-8BEN.

  • Once payment is successful, recipients will receive an email with a link to the portal that allows them to complete their Form W-8BEN. From the below screen, you can also Send More W-8BENs and download the receipt.

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