How do I add recipients/employees to the Address Book?
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94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Once the Payer/Employer information is added to the address book, you can add the recipient/employee details for that Payer/Employer.

Here is how you add recipients/employees:

  • Sign in to your TaxBandits account.
  • Click the Grid menu from your Dashboard→ Select Address Book.

  • You will be shown the list of Recipient/Employee available in your Address Book. Click the Add Recipient/Employee in the Recipient field or click the icon in the Action column.

Now, choose your preferred method for adding Recipient/Employee information:

Option 1: Manual Data Entry - To add one Recipient/Employee at a time, select Manual Data Entry. This method is ideal if you are adding just one or two businesses. 

Option 2: Import bulk Recipient/Employee data - Use the Bulk Upload option to import multiple Recipient/Employee into the Address Book. Download the default excel template provided, follow the instructions to fill in the information, and upload the file.

  • Provide the necessary Recipient/Employee information and click Save
  • The new recipient will now be available in your Address Book under the specific business. You can easily select this Recipient/Employee to file forms for them. 
  • You can also edit the details as needed under the Action column. 

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