How to input SSNs and Zip Codes with leading zeroes in TaxBandits Excel Template?
813 views | Last modified 1/27/2021 2:05:19 PM EST

When you work on any Excel templates to upload information into TaxBandits, you may need to input Social Security Number (SSN), EIN, or Zip Codes with leading zeros. By default, Microsoft Excel automatically removes all leading zeros. 

To add or insert leading zeros to numbers in Microsoft Excel manually, you have to use the ' (single quote) symbol. Press the (') single quote sign and then type the SSN. 

For example: to enter an SSN 012345678, type the following '012345678 and press enter. Likewise, to enter a Zip Code 02194-9383, type '02194-9383.

To get the correct format back as a number, you may double click the field.

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