How do I check the list of employees who have Online Access to view or download their forms?
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94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

TaxBandits’ Online Access is an exclusive feature to grant your recipients access to their form copies online. Though you can postal mail the forms to your recipients, the Online Access will allow your recipients to view them anytime. It also ensures they receive their copy on time. 

When you choose to provide Online Access for your recipients,  the recipient will receive an online consent via email. Only upon agreeing to the consent, the recipient can access their forms online.

To know the recipients who have Online Access,

  • Sign in to TaxBandits account.
  • Click Quick Links >> Manage Online Access.

  • Choose the Payer/Employer from the dropdown to view the forms filed. You can Enable or Disable Online Access at the payer level.

  • Summary of the Online Access for the selected Payer/Employer will be displayed. Recipients who have Online Access will be listed as Enabled under the Online Access column. 

  • Click View to view the status of the consent. Only upon signing the consent will the recipient be able to access their forms online. The option to download the consent is also available.
  • Click the toggle button to Enable or Disable Online Access for a recipient. When you Enable, online access for all forms filed for this recipient will be made available.

  • Click Yes, enable Online Access button to confirm.
  • An email address is mandatory to enable Online Access. Click Add Email to add one.

  • Enter the recipient’s email address and click Save and Enable Online Access.


Wherever your recipients sign and complete the Online Access consent, you will receive an email notification. You can also track the status from the TaxBandits’ Dashboard. Once the recipient signs the consent, an email with instructions for Online Access will be triggered to the recipient within 4-8 hours. 

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