The file that I bulk uploaded has errors, how can I fix them?
37 views | Last modified 2/9/2023 11:38:06 PM EST | Added by TaxBandits Team

  • If the file you uploaded is flagged for errors, click ‘View Errors’ to view them. 

  • To resolve these errors, click ‘Export Errors’. The error messages will be downloaded to the Excel template that you used to provide the data. This will help you identify and correct the errors. 


  • After you’ve updated the Excel template, save it to your computer. To import the corrected file back into TaxBandits, click 'Upload another Form 1095-B/Cs file’.

Your forms will then be audited to ensure their accuracy. When there are no errors, click ‘Continue Filing’ to transmit the 1095-B/C forms to the IRS. 

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