How do I correct errors while bulk uploading using a file?
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Applicable To
94X 1099 W-2 ACA W-4

Follow the process below to handle errors while bulk uploading a file to import data into TaxBandits. Look for the option to view the entries that failed our validation checks in the bulk upload status screen or from the dashboard. Export these errors in excel, fix the errors in the exported error file, and upload the file.

Status of bulk upload

The screen shown below is what you see after the import happens. Entries that fail the error check process are skipped. In such a case, the View Errors link is shown.

View Errors

Click on the View Errors link on the status screen to view the entries that failed validation. Columns to easily identify the entry is shown. 

In case, you decide to check back later or need time to correct these errors, you can access the error file from the DASHBOARD. 

  1. Click on menu 1099/W-2 and choose the employer
  2. Select the Import Status filter.  The status of all the imported forms will be listed.  
  3. Choose the entry based on the File Name column. 
  4. Ones that failed import will have a View link. Click the link to view the errors.

Export Errors

The process to correct the errors is made simple. On the view error screen, click on the button Export Errors to export the entries in Excel. This error file will have the data in the same columns names and ordering sequence as of the original imported file except for a new column Error Message that is appended at the end. This is the column that will provide details on why the entry was skipped. 

Analyze the errors and correct them directly in the downloaded error file. This is the file that you will have to reupload to import the data again.

Upload the corrected Error File

In TaxBandits, until you transmit the return, any returns created for the same employer will be appended to the original return. Once transmitted, an Order is created comprising of all the returns.  

To import the corrected data file, you start off by creating a new return for the same employer.

  1. Go to Home >> Forms tab. 
  2. Choose the respective form and click File Now
  3. Choose the tax year and click Next.
  4. Choose import using Excel/CSV option to upload the error file you corrected.

Continue the flow until you get to the upload status page. Repeat the same process until all the errored entries are successfully imported.  Once done, click on the Continue Filing to proceed further with the filing until you transmit the return.

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